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Chest and Triceps

Bench 2x8@185 1x5@205 1x3@185

Incline DB Bench 1x8@75 1x6@75 1x7@70

Chest Dip 2x15 1x12

DB Fly 3x8@40

Machine Bench Burnout 180 down to 35 all sets to failure

DB Skullcrusher 3x8@30

Cable Kickback 1x10@30 2x8@30

Cable Tricep Extension 1x8@100 2x8@90

Hanging Leg Raise x50

Side Bend 3x10@45

Back and Biceps

One Arm DB Row 10,10,8@70

Lat Pulldown 2x8@130

T Bar Row OH 2x8@90 Neutral Grip 2x8@90

Cable Row 3x8@100

Preacher Curl 1x8@85 2x8@75

Concentration Curl 3x8@30

Seated DB Curl 3x8@30

Hanging Leg Raise x 50

Side Bend 3x8@45

Plank 2x60sec


Seated DB Press 3x10@65

Seated Arnold Press 10,8,8@50

DB Lat Raise 3x12@20

Hammer Strength Press 15,15,12@45

DB Shrug 3x8@70

Upright Row 3x12@45

Hanging Leg Raise x 50

Side Bend 3x10@45


Squats 3x10@135

Leg Press 3x8@270

DB Lunge 3x8@60

Leg Extension 3x10@150

Stiff leg Deadlift 3x8@115

Leg Curl 1x8@150 2x8@135

Standing Calf Raise 3x12@150

Seated Calf Raise 3x15@70

Hanging Leg Raise x 50

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Chest and Triceps Bench Press 2x8@185 1x5@205 1x3@185 Incline DB Bench 1x8@70 2x7@70 Chest Dip 3x12 Weighted Cable Cross 3x10@40 Machine Bench 165 down to 35 DB Skullcrusher 3x10@30 Cable Kickback 3x1


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