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I have recently discovered that YouTube shorts is a game-changer for new channels like mine

If you are trying to get monetized and are not using shorts you might want to adjust your strategy.

I doubled the number of YouTube subscribers I had in one day

I posted the other day on LinkedIn about how you should be leveraging YouTube shorts to grow your channel and it’s starting to pay off for me

You can see in the graph that my views, watch time, and subscribers all started taking off when I started using shorts

If you are also using TikTok, Facebook Reels, or Instagram Reels you can grow them simultaneously by repurposing your content as YouTube shorts

That day I went from 19 subscribers to 58 subscribers all from shorts

I have continued using this strategy and it is paying dividends. The first month I was posting videos I was getting virtually no traction. You can't give up you have to continue testing to find what works. This is what consistency looks like.

You can see for the first month I was posting single long-form videos that were getting minimal views. I started uploading multiple short-form videos per week on top of my weekly long-form upload and they started performing well. 3k plus views per video so even though they are short they greatly increased my watch time.

You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get monetized by YouTube. You can see the crazy percentage progress you can get from repurposing short-form content you are already using. This data comes from vidIQ which is another great tool for YouTube creators.

If you are like me and your main content is in a smaller niche like personal development and coaching you might want to do what I am doing to draw in more people.

I am only posting about something in my niche 1 out of every 3-4 videos. The other short-form videos are funny videos that can connect with more people to draw them into your channel so they can see the content you want them to see. Check out what that looks like here and subscribe:

I am no expert but this is what is working for me right now. No doubt I will have to continue to adjust to grow but I am looking forward to the challenge of finding what works next.

If you are a creator then let me know:

What is working for you?

Are you using shorts?


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