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Here is how you can learn faster 👇🏻

Commit to a project for whatever you are interested in learning with a deadline to meet

Let me explain

Let’s say you are interested in photography. You have watched a bunch of boring tutorials and your motivation to learn is dying down.

Research local small businesses' websites. Find ones that you think the photography on the website is subpar. Reach out to them and respectfully offer to update their pictures for free and give them a hard date for completion.

This will add a little pressure and recharge your desire to learn. Once you complete the project, you have built a relationship with a potential client and started building your portfolio.

Build on this momentum and repeat the process, learning a little bit more and getting a little bit better each time, and watch yourself level up 🚀

I have committed to posting on this blog every Monday and posting a new video on YouTube every Friday. This has provided the necessary pressure for me to push myself to continue to learn and improve.

To see the progress on my videos go take a look at my YouTube channel here:

I am using SkillShare for their wide range of classes on everything from video editing for my YouTube to their courses on blogging so I can use it for this website.

I focus on one thing that I want to improve on each video or blog and try to put into practice. I can consume way more information and tutorials because of the excitement the pressure puts on me. I want to constantly improve with each post.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you give this a try let me know if it helps you as it did me.


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