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We all have insecurities

Today I am talking about my biggest insecurity to try and break past the barriers in my mind

I am bald.

I absolutely hate being bald and I am extremely self-conscious about it.

I wear a hat everywhere I can to try and hide it.

I started balding at a pretty young age so naturally, the people around me poked fun at it.

This crushed my confidence. I wouldn’t go places where I couldn’t wear a hat. I hated going swimming, I hated going to clubs that didn’t allow hats, etc.

Recently I have started putting myself and my thoughts out into the world on social and on my YouTube channel but I was still hiding behind the hat.

Every video I am wearing a hat

Every thumbnail I am wearing a hat

I don’t want to hide anymore and I want to break through this insecurity. I want to show the real me.

So here it is in its full glory.

👉What are you insecure about?

👉How do you plan on breaking past it?


Last weekend I was inspired by someone I had to inspire in the past

Someone I have worked closely with to inspire and help improve their life is now the person providing inspiration for me. I had been feeling a little off and sorry for myself but her hard work and positive mindset through it all reignited my motivation.

Last weekend I got to watch their work ethic and them dominating the plan they have put in place to get their life to a better place for her and her daughter.

It looked like this:


9AM-3PM Job 1

5PM-11 PM Job 2

11:30PM arrive home eat, shower, bed


5AM-630AM Wake up, get daughter ready for the babysitter, start 45-minute commute

8AM-4PM Dental Clinicals

5PM-11PM Work

11:30PM arrive home eat, shower, bed


5AM-630AM Wake up, get daughter ready for the babysitter, start 45-minute commute

8AM-5PM Work

5:45PM Pick up daughter and finally go home

When we developed the plan for what she had to do to improve her circumstances she knew how much work was going to go into it. Full-time mom working two jobs while completing clinicals.

This is next level discipline. This is the type of person you want in your circle. Someone with big dreams and the drive to chase them. Thank you for reminding me what it takes.

She is less than a month away from her full-time hire date when clinicals are completed.

My sister is crushing life.

I don’t know if I have ever been so proud.

Never forget that the people we inspire will get their turn to inspire us.

Inspiration is all around you. You just need to open your eyes.


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