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The biggest mistake you are making is not starting. Let me show you why.

We all have a dream in our heads. A project, a business, a hobby, etc.

You just thought of yours right? Good hold onto that thought.

I left my dream pending for over 4 years and made ZERO progress on it. I wanted to start a blog and a YouTube channel but it was safer to keep that idea up in my head than to start it.

Starting is scary. There are so many components to each dream and if you look at it as a whole it can seem insurmountable. For mine I knew I had to learn:

-Video Editing

-Some graphic design

-Better copywriting and so much more

So I just took the first step to see what happens.

Below you can see the very first thumbnail for my YouTube channel on top. The bottom is my third thumbnail. Crazy difference right? There is a ton of room for improvement, but I am chasing progress, not perfection. These were only a week apart.

This progress has ignited a fire inside of me that has been burnt out for a very long time. You know that feeling when you accomplish something you didn't think you would be able to accomplish? It drives you to new heights.

To see the new video check out my YouTube: JfoMoto

-So what is that pending dream in your head?

-Do you have the guts to take the first step?

I was also on a mission to drive more engagement through LinkedIn. I followed Luke Matthews who is an excellent writer with a big following (I will link his LinkedIn down below in the comments) and joined his discord. I began engaging and asking for advice. He gave me some tips and it completely transformed my writing style. This is what happens when you make a concerted effort to be better at something you can see the results here.


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Justin Forrest
Justin Forrest
May 09, 2022

Also don't forget to check out my YouTube: JfoMoto

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